To our valued clients: We've stopped selling Korean Starcraft 2 keys since has removed region restrictions for players who want to play on the KR ladder - Please follow @rtsdealer. We've now moved on to selling Dota 2 items and discounted Steam games.

How To Install Korean Starcraft 2

In order to be able to use the Korean / Taiwanese Starcraft 2 account purchased from, you must use a Taiwanese client in order to log in.

Steps on installing the Taiwanese / Korean Starcraft 2 client:
Please do follow these step by step to avoid overwriting your EU or NA clients.

1. Download the Taiwanese Starcraft 2 client.

2. After the Blizzard Downloader finishes getting the installer, start the installation.

3. Click on the first button (with the exclamation mark)

4. Click the bottom button.

4. If a prompt comes up, click on the left button to continue.

5. Click on the upper button on the right part of the screen.

6. Set a new directory for your Taiwanese Starcraft 2 version.
*Please create a new folder in order to avoid overwriting your current SC2 installation.

7. Click on the install button found on the bottom right part.

8. Wait until installation is finished.

9. Log-in with your BattleNet details on the Taiwan/Korean log-in screen.

10. Enjoy playing on the Korean ladder!

You can purchase a Korean Starcraft 2 account / CD Key here on

Got questions / problems regarding the installation?
- Tweet it to us.
- Post on our Facebook wall.
- Send a PM on Team Liquid.