To our valued clients: We've stopped selling Korean Starcraft 2 keys since has removed region restrictions for players who want to play on the KR ladder - Please follow @rtsdealer. We've now moved on to selling Dota 2 items and discounted Steam games.

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Starcraft 2 Korean Client

To be able to play on the Korean ladder, a Starcraft 2 player must have the Korean or the Taiwanese client. Another choice will be using a relocalizer.

*We don't recommend using a relocalizer though. Experiment at your own risk.

For Starcraft 2 Korean CD Keys bought from, the TW client will be needed in order to be able to play on the Korean ladder.

For Players Who Are In South Korea
Players who visit South Korea and play on PC bangs will be using the Korean client.

To be able to access the Korean ladder via a Korean client, a player must have a Korean SSN (Social Security Number). If you cannot obtain one, you can try borrowing a Starcraft 2 account from the owner or caretaker of the PC bang.

People who play on PC bangs get the opportunity to get these Starcraft 2 portraits:

The last resort will be to ask the attendants to have the TW version installed and using the TW Starcraft 2 account to log in. You can get a TW / Korean Starcraft 2 account from us (rtsdealer).

For Players Who Are Not in South Korea
If you are currently in Europe, Australia or America but want to play on the Korean Starcraft 2 ladder, your best option will be to purchase a TW Korean Starcraft 2 CD key.

Don't hesitate to add the rtsdealer on Skype or send him a message via Team Liquid.

The TW client allows people from outside South Korea without any access to a Korean Starcraft 2 version to play on the Korean SC2 ladder.

This guide will help you get started on the KR ladder:
Guide on Installing the Starcraft 2 Client for the Korean ladder

Buy Starcraft 2 SEA Account

While other online Australian stores sell Starcraft 2 SEA CD keys at an expensive price, sells them at a much more reasonable price.

We'll set up a SEA Starcraft 2 account hassle free.

What is the Starcraft 2 SEA version?

Starcraft 2 SEA (Southeast Asia) is the region for Starcraft 2 players from:
1) Australia
2) New Zealand
3) Singapore
4) Philippines
5) Malaysia
6) Indonesia
7) Thailand

Play with the Australian and the Southeast Asian community with a SEA version.

Advantages of getting a SEA account:
1) The Starcraft 2 SEA edition gives you a free NA / US account
2) Gain access to Starcraft 2 content before the rest of the world. Since SEA is the first server to be patched, you get to experience the changes before the rest of the world.
3) Get a chance to play with notable SEA players such as MOOnGLaDe and Steelheart.
4) Join SEA tournaments. With the click of a button, you can switch servers back and forth and be able to join SEA Starcraft 2 cash tournaments in the morning and join NA events at night.

Payment options available: Paypal

To place an order, you can send a message to RTSDealer via Team Liquid.
You can also order by posting on RTSDealer's Facebook wall.

RTSDealer is online every:
Singapore Time (+8 GMT) - 20:00 to 24:00 (8 PM to 12 Midnight)

Note: This is a for a SEA account /key (Starcraft 2 Australian version). No boxes will be delivered.

Download the Starcraft 2 SEA client here.

*Aside from SC2 SEA CD Keys, we also sell TW / Korean SC2 CD keys.